Links and Resources

Whether you're a missionary, language student, English teacher, or some other form of expat, life on The Rock (Taiwan) can be daunting when you first get here. Here are some links* to help you out:

For my fellow Americans
The American Institute in Taiwan - Our "embassy."
Vote From Abroad - Don't stop voting just because you live overseas!
Democrats Abroad - For my fellow bleedin' hearts.

General Taiwan
Animals Taiwan - A great organization to adopt a pet from if you'll be here for awhile. You can also foster!
Forumosa - An expat forum, and a very rich source of information for all things Taiwan.
TEALIT (Teaching English and Living in Taiwan) - Lots of info. and classifieds.
The Center - Counseling for foreigners in Taiwan.
Tsuei Ma Ma Foundation - Free housing assistance for foreigners in Taiwan.
Bloggers in Taiwan - A huge list of Taiwan blogs.
China Post and Taipei Times- English language newspapers.
TSR (Tropical Storm Risk) - Very useful for tracking typhoons during typhoon season.
Taiwan Central Weather Bureau
The Book Depository - They have free shipping to Taiwan! A great, cost-effective way to get English language books here.

Missionary Blogs - Has a great section for Taiwan missionary bloggers.
OMF Taiwan
YWAM Taipei

Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting
Parent Pages - Get to know other expat parents in Taiwan, and check out the forum for some great info. on raising kids in Taiwan.
Baby Home - Major Taiwanese parenting forum (Chinese).
Breastfeeding Association of Taiwan - Has a crunchy Taiwanese parenting forum (Chinese).
Waterbirth Center in Xinzhuang (Taipei County) - An awesome place for birth and breastfeeding support (Chinese)!
Beautiful Beginnings - Angie is a Canadian doula who knows birth in Taiwan, and an awesome lady as well!
Little Wonders - Bilingual natural parenting store, cloth diapers.
Kindermusik in Taiwan!
Kidzone-tw - Stuff to do with kids in Taiwan.

No link available, but here is the phone number and address for an awesome lactation consultant in Taipei. She also happens to be a pediatrician:

Dr. Yang
No.424, Sec. 2, Zhonghua Rd., Wanhua District, Taipei City 108

Chinese Study
Zhuyin Journey West
Zhuyin Practice
Chinese Dictionary (in Chinese only)
Chinese Forums
Chinese Mac
Chinese Pod
iMandarin Pod
Zhuyin-Pinyin Chart
Nciku (dictionary)
Online Chinese Flashcards
Yahoo! Chinese-English Dictionary
YellowBridge (dictionary)
ZDT Language Learner

*Admittedly, this list is a bit Taipei-centric. Sorry, that's where all my experience lies.