Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm so tired!

ETA: Apparently I have no idea how Flickr works and photos don't just stay in there forever, so now the photos for this post are unavailable. I wish I was a more photo-y person and properly maintained a functioning Flickr account, but I don't have time to add one more thing to my already too full plate, so this post is now photoless. Sorry!

Ugh! I'm so tired. I wish someone would ferry me about the city to interesting places and let me fall asleep comfortably on their back whenever I wanted!

Babies, heck, kids for that matter, do not know how good they have it. Every time I walk up the four grueling (maybe not that grueling but I'm being dramatic) flights of stairs to our apartment with a gurgling, raspberry blowing Jonathan on my back I think "Enjoy it while you can, kid!"

I'm too tired and lazy to write about everything we did over Chinese New Year, and it really wasn't that interesting anyway. We were blessed with incredibly beautiful weather just for the holiday, and we took advantage of Ian not having to work and went all over the place. Jonathan also enjoyed his first trip to the zoo!

Anyway, here are a few pictures to enjoy instead of me rambling on and on. Hopefully I'll have the energy to write an actual post of substancesometime soon!

Jonathan enjoying his first jiaozi. He's my little Taiwanese baby!

First time in the little kid seat of a cart. This is at Costco. What's next, driving? He's growing up so fast!

Guess which one my son is. This is at the Taipei zoo.

I thought this Orangutan was quite regal looking.

Father/son profile shot.

We ate some food dipped in here on our vacation. What, is that bad?

I think Jonathan had a lot of fun hangin' around us. Ha ha, bad joke!

That is all for now. Now I have to do some chores while the baby sleeps, then crawl into bed only to be woken five minutes later. Good thing the person doing the waking is really cute and cuddly!


  1. Happy new year! Thanks for posting the photos even though you're so tired. Hope the little fella gives his Mum a chance for a decent nap.

  2. Hello! I have an award for you: The details are over here One Lovely Blog Award. Enjoy!

  3. @Kath: Thank you! I'm honored. =)

    @黃愛玲 : You're so sweet! Every mother loves to hear that.


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