Friday, January 28, 2011

Our trip to No. 4 park without Mr. Sun.

ETA: Apparently I have no idea how Flickr works and photos don't just stay in there forever, so now the photos for this post are unavailable. I wish I was a more photo-y person and properly maintained a functioning Flickr account, but I don't have time to add one more thing to my already too full plate, so this post is now photoless. Sorry!

I wouldn't mind the cold weather so much if the sun could at least make an appearance. It's often hazy in Taipei even in the summer, and the sun has never seemed quite as bright to me here as it does in Southern California. Still, the weeks and weeks, and really months without any sun in Taipei starts to make me feel a bit depressed. For one thing, it's so hard to get motivated to do anything! I know I need to try and get Jonathan out once in awhile though, so when a window of time without any rain pops up, we try to take advantage. Today we walked from Little Burma in Zhongehe over to No. 4 Park (I'm not sure if it's in Yonghe or Zhonghe).

Do you see the lady sitting behind Jonathan? She was reading or studying, glancing up from the pages every now and then and relaxed as can be. Her kids were running around the dried up rock/fountain/display thing, keeping each other entertained and just calling out a word or two over their shoulder at their mom once in awhile. I thought to myself, "Wow, so the constant vigilance ends one day?" The constant listeninwatchingworryingdiapercheckingpullingthingsoutofhismouth vigilance will come to an end, and I'll be able to read a book at the park. Will I be able to tear my eyes away, give him the space he needs? Will I miss it?

I'm quite pleased with my hair color in this picture, not that that's what you were looking at.

Not to sound all obsessed with my hair, but please ignore how incredibly short my bangs are right now. It kind of sucks that I can't see what my hair stylist is doing when I take my glasses off.

Enjoying the view from Daddy's shoulders in the lobby of the library at the park. He was babbling quite loudly because the echoing sound of his voice amused him.

It was good to get out, and Jonathan appreciated the change of scenery. We're at a bit of an awkward age for the park because he wants to get out and explore his surroundings, but he can't run and jump on the playground yet. In the summer I'll put a big blanket with some toys on the grass (at least that's what my friend and I did last summer, now he might make a break for it and crawl right off the blanket), but everything is damp and muddy now. Ahhhh, summer can't get here fast enough!

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