Monday, January 24, 2011

Dihua Street 2011

ETA: Apparently I have no idea how Flickr works and photos don't just stay in there forever, so now the photos for this post are unavailable. I wish I was a more photo-y person and properly maintained a functioning Flickr account, but I don't have time to add one more thing to my already too full plate, so this post is now photoless. Sorry!

It's a little tradition of ours to go to Dihua Street every year around Chinese New Year. Dihua Street is a very old street with cool historical-looking buildings on either side. Each year the place is absolutely packed with vendors hawking new year's goods. They mostly sell traditional snacks, candy, dried fruit, dried fish, etc. It's an absolute madhouse, but so much fun! It sort of helps us get into the spirit of Chinese New Year. This was Jonathan's first time visiting the historical street (second if you count his time in utero last year).

The theme of this winter seems to be COLD and DREARY! I'm actually quite sick of it and find myself strangely looking forward to the sauna-like environment of summer in Taipei.

These are samosas, except of course not really samosas. They were really tasty in a Chinese food masquerading as Indian food way though!

Aboriginal style BBQ mountain boar. Sometimes you find the odd coarse boar's hair still poking through the layer of fat. This stuff is really good, but the meat is a bit too fatty for my liking. Taiwanese people like a bit of fat on their meat, which really grosses me out. I still like ordering this stuff for the flavor, but I pick all the fat off, which is tedious (and sometimes doesn't leave me with very much meat).

A close-up of the BBQ mountain boar.

Was this guy using Taiwan beer as a spice?

Tasty sweet Taiwanese sausage. Again, I totally like the flavor of these things, but I don't eat sausage in general because the little fat globules in sausage gross me out. Why am I so picky about meat? I'm also the annoying American that only eats the breast of a chicken. Ewwww, dark meat is yucky!

About to go head-on into the crowd. Believe it or not, we actually always go during the least crowded time, which is a weekday morning or afternoon. So this is nothing!

Jonathan actually fell asleep shortly after this picture was taken, in the middle of all the chaos. I truly have a Taiwanese baby!

At the MRT station, ready to go home.

All in all we had a lot of fun, but I always forget how annoying some of the college students working there can be until I'm back the following year and once again hear them showing off in front of each other by yelling English phrases at us and then giggling (not all of them, just some). One guy randomly yelled, "Peace, love!" at us, and then looked quite pleased with himself. Little did he know it totally sounded like he said "piss love," so I guess the joke's on him. Annoying college guy aside, we had a great time!

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