Tuesday, September 14, 2010

6 months later...

Jonathan William was born 6 months ago, and now my brain is a pile of lifeless mush. Not only have I not blogged since I announced his birth (6 whole months ago!), but I have only read one book during that entire time (Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott, just so you know)! Reading is one of my greatest pleasures, and the quality of my writing noticeably deteriorates when I stop reading. It's like I need to feed off the skill of other writers or something. Besides the fact that I can't read, write, or basically sustain a train of thought anymore, it's been so long since I've written in this little space of mine, and so much has happened. The thought of bridging the gap and filling everyone in on the past six months is exhausting and overwhelming!

So I'm just gonna jump right back in, not because I want to be Mrs. Cool Mommy Blogger, but because I need something that is just mine that allows me to flex my creative muscles. I may sort of suck at first, and I may write a lot about the day-to-day reality of raising my little boy over here in Taiwan. Hopefully someone somewhere will find my ramblings interesting. As I learn how to manage my time better and read more, maybe I'll be able to churn out a well-written, thought provoking post or two. For now, in honor of Jonathan's half birthday, I leave you with a little recap of these past six months:

1st Month

March 10, 2010, he is born. Finally! We're in love and I cannot believe this little person grew inside me for nine months and then just came out and joined our family. God is so cool! Things are hard at first, but then we all get used to each other and enjoy the sleepy newborn honeymoon phase (little did I know that I should be enjoying his nice 2+ hour naps now while I still could).

2nd Month (about 1 month old)
Ian's parents come to visit, and my little guy is still a sweet little sleepy bundle (but not for much longer).

3rd Month (about 2 months old)
All of the sudden Jonathan wakes up to the world, and sleeping IS NOT on his agenda. Because he's all of the sudden quite wakeful, he realizes that his little difestive system isn't mature and is quite aware of every gas bubble and stomach pain. I've been exclusively breastfeeding from the start, and I cut all dairy from my diet, which helps. Ian and I are exhausted and sleep deprived, and spend HOURS every day and night trying to get this child of ours to sleep. Ian gets home from work at 10 PM, and I usually haven't even had a chance to eat dinner or shower yet.


He starts smiling all the time. That dimple alone makes him worth all those sleepless nights.

Mommy friends become a valuable lifeline.

Month 4 (about 3 months old)
Still an absolute terror to get to bed. We're definitely in the thick of the fussy phase. I look at pictures of babies that peacefully drift to sleep willy nilly in the bouncy chair or whatever, and wonder how the heck I ended up with a kid that seems to be downing cups of coffee behind my back. I hear rumors that some babies even start doing this thing called sleeping through the night, but Jonathan hasn't heard of that silliness.

Month 5 (about 4 months old)
It's all still a blur, but I think this is when things started to get easier. I became comfortable with my "parenting style." His digestive system began to iron out all the kinks, and I started co-sleeping and I no longer care whether he sleeps through the night. I go out with my mommy friends a lot and we nurse our babies over cups of coffee and Mister Donut. And he just gets cuter every day!

Month 6 (about 5 months old)
Jonathan finally gets to meet his family in the States! I'm nervous about the long flight and jet lag, but he does great. There are so many firsts: first flight, first ride in a car seat, first swim, first foot dip in the ocean.

With his Aunt Colleen on Catalina Island.

I've known these girls since junior high, and now we all have babies!

Month 7 (about 6 months old)
Things are a lot easier, and I love being Jonathan's Mama. He's had nothing but breast milk up until this point, and now he gets his first bit of food.

I'm not sure he likes it.

This is what he looks like when he wakes up from one of his 40 minute micro-naps (gone are the days of 2+ hour naps). His smile is just pure joy to me! He's such a sweet little guy, and I can't wait to get to know him more.

For all of you who stuck around, thank you. =)
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