Monday, February 01, 2010

I finally have my camera back!

While I may be no photographer, and while I'm usually very lazy about taking pictures, I missed my little point-and-shoot Canon so much once it was gone! It was dropped from quite a big height for a wee little digital camera months ago, and I've been waiting for it to get fixed ever since. I took it to a camera repair shop that came highly recommended and usually does good work, but for some reason they just kept not completely fixing it. Of course it would be fine at the shop when they gave it back to me, but then it would start acting funky again as soon as I got it home. Finally, after taking it back to the shop for the fourth time, I laid on the guilt pretty thick and told them that I was beginning to think that I would have no camera to capture my first child's first precious moments of life. They felt really bad and kept it for two weeks, and finally did a thorough check and discovered the real problem. The real problem ended up being much more complicated and expensive than the other minor problem that I paid them to repair, but they fixed it for free. So now, I've been trying extra hard to be mindful of photo opportunities and taking advantage of them when they come my way. I still kind of suck at taking pictures, but hopefully I'll improve with practice. Here's a few moments from my life that I've captured recently:

I don't know why I thought this looked cool. I'm spying on the comings and goings of the worshipers at Longshan Temple through a space in the outside wall.

Going to get some dou hua. I actually don't like this place so much because they're a chain and skimp on all the good gloopy bits, but they were there and I had a craving.

Here's my favorite dou hua combination: dou hua with boiled peanuts (I never cared much for peanuts until I came to Asia and had them boiled) and glutinous balls made from sweet potato and taro. There should be way more glutinous balls!

Wow, I just realized that most of my pictures seem to be food related! I spend a great part of my day looking for and consuming good food. Anyway, here is one of my favorite Zongzi places, which happens to be right outside Dingxi station, which happens to be the MRT near our apartment. As you can imagine, I come here a lot to take care of my Zongzi cravings.

Here's some of that delicious Zongzi hanging. I guess they're hanging out to dry? I'm not too sure of the process, but they always have to be hung for awhile.

Here's Ian looking handsome as ever. We were at Warner Village with our friend Catherine, who is my PPIC (pregnant partner in crime, she's the clever one who coined this phrase), about to go to the Taipei International Book Expo (where we bought our first children's books for Jonathan). You can tell that people are gearing up for Chinese New Year by all the lanterns hanging in the background.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more mediocre but interesting photography!


  1. I'm so glad you got it back! You take great photos!


  2. Awwww, you're just flattering me. =)

  3. just catching up on your blog.

    great to read some updates on baby and the food cravings.

    god bless on the upcoming birth!

  4. Thanks, Boston! I actually just had my baby about a week ago. He was two weeks early! Stay tuned for the birth story!


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