Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ultrasound Update

Here's little Jonathan on the ultrasound at almost 24 weeks. It could be that only my family is interested in this, but I wanted to find some way for them to "participate" in this whole process even though they're so far away. Sorry, it's a little blurry. But to the expecting parents and grandparents, it's still beautiful!


  1. uh oh sucking the thumb already! Someone's going to need braces. :-P

  2. Hey! Looks like he is doing great! After reading your comment on my blog, I thought I'd tell you that we were in the mainland for 6 years and are now in Taiwan too- in Taichung. I delivered our fourth baby here 4 months ago. It was a really good experience (I wouldn't know what it is like in the states, but can't imagine it being any better than what I have had over here.) Are you going to deliver here in Taiwan?

    I'm so glad we "found" each other! Maybe it would work out sometime for us to meet- that would be cool!

  3. how are you feeling?

    I loved those first pregnancy days! Now my four are too big to be cute. It's the "You can't make me!" stage. Grrrrr. So, enjoy him now, before attitudes start. (sorry, I'm such a downer. Bad day of homeschooling.)


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