Monday, May 11, 2009

Student Writing #1: Mr. MoJoJoJo and the Big Crocodile

I've decided to introduce a new semi-regular feature to this blog. Sometimes I read something that one of my students has written, and I think, "Wow, this is too funny/good/ridiculous not to share!" So, with their permission of course, I'd like to once in awhile share those writings with you. I know I should edit their work before I post it on my blog so that they'll look good and not be "English shamed," but sometimes the mistakes are so cute that I just have to leave them in! This student wrote a very funny essay (with my husband and I as the main characters), and the mistakes were too funny to take out. When you're reading it, please be aware that it is VERY difficult to become a good writer in a second language, especially English with all it's crazy grammatical rules and exceptions to said rules. Realize that although there are some mistakes in this essay, it's actually quite good considering that this was written by a 14-year-old Taiwanese girl. So be nice! Now, without further ado, I bring you this fine masterpiece:

Mr. MoJoJoJo and the Big Crocodile
by Sarah Wang

Chapter 1

Cahleen was a girl who lived in a farm. Her father was a kind person. Their whole family always cherishes the food they got. Cahleen was very in love with pigs. She thought pigs were the most cutest and smartest of all creatures. When she was 16 she met her only love Ian. Ian was a handsome pig seller. They got married very soon. Ah~ that's so romantic. However, they didn't live happily ever after.

Cahleen always think too much she always think that Ian had a fair. She had a lot of imagination abut it. She loved him too much. Somehow, she got very angry about it (even though she wasn't sure it was true). She ran out her house. She thought "Ha ha ha. Since you betrayed me, I will not be alone any more. You got a mistress. I will get a man too. Wu ha ha ha!" She made a specific laugh and went away.

One day she went into a bar. She saw Mr. MoJoJoJo. She saw him picking his nose. "Oh my gosh that's like a pig" she thought. She got in love with him immediately. Mr. MoJoJoJo said he loved her too. But she didn't notice that Mr. MoJoJoJo was using her. He wanted to kill all the crocodiles in the earth. If you ask me why he hated them? I would tell you that Mr. MoJoJoJo's eyebrow had been bitten off by a fat crocodile. He felt ashamed and even tried to commit suicide. Poor him. Cahleen and Mr. MoJoJoJo pick their noses together. They always play their boogers. Ewwww! Cahleen had a good time with him. But she didn't know that a big plan was going on: Mr. MoJoJoJo's revenge.

My husband and I are waiting with bated breath to see what chapter two brings!

*The above picture is my little aspiring writer student. When I told her I wanted to put her picture on my blog, she said, "I'll be famous!" I laughed quite hard at the fact that she thought being featured on my blog would make her famous.


  1. yes, she can be famous. This is HILARIOUS!!

    Sounds like a fun new feature on your blog.

  2. Great Blog, you should submit it to The Expat Directory:

  3. Wow! I forgot to publish these comments, but now they're finally here.


    I agree that this is quite hilarious.


    Thanks for stopping by! I think my blog is already listed there.

  4. I love your blog!!! i used to live in Taiwan and i moved to America when i was 10. Your student is just like how i was before~ i still have some of my writings from elementry school, and they are just too cute to read!!!!!!!!


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