Sunday, April 05, 2009

New Apartment Pictures

This post may only be interesting to my parents and my grandmother, but they really want to see pictures of our new apartment. Here they are! If you could care less about what the inside of my apartment looks like, feel free to skip this post.

This is the part of our living room facing the front door. The floor is actually white, but somehow the camera made it look yellowish.

A peek down the hall from the living room.

Still the living room, these are our cozy couches. We like the way you can see into the next room, which is the office.

This is still technically the living room, but I guess you could call this part of the living room the dining area. Those windows look out onto the lane. Just on the other side is the river, but we can't see it because the row of apartment buildings across the lane from us block the view. Also, it may interest you to know that we usually have a nice rug on the floor. However, for some reason my dog loves to throw up on it. The rug was in the wash at the time this photo was taken.

Haven't you always wanted to see the inside of my bathroom? I like the blue color, and I like that we have a typical Taiwanese bathroom with no bathtub. It's just a shower head that comes out of the wall with a drain in the floor. The fact that we even have a shower curtain is very Western, and according to my students, completely unnecessary. I have to disagree with them on that one though. I prefer to keep the spray of the shower contained in one area.

I finally have cupboards! The thing on the wall in the corner is a dish dryer, which I love! You can't see it, but there's a door at the end of the kitchen that leads out onto the balcony.

Office/storage room. I feel that having an extra "storage room" is necessary in a place where most apartments don't have built-in closets or cupboards.

The bedroom -- smaller, but also cozier than the one in our last apartment. My side's the right side (left if you're actually lying in bed).

I just threw this in because it's cute. Mei Mei is saying, "Come to Taiwan and visit me!"

For all my family in the U.S. who wanted to see these pictures -- I love you guys!


  1. Cute apartment! It seems bigger than your old place. Your kitchen cabinets are great. I haven't ever had a dish dryer - it sounds like you like it. Wonder why Mei-Mei gets sick on your rug so often.

  2. lovely apartment.. and I love your poodle! cute!

    nice blog here

  3. LOVE your blog, girl! Can I link you?

  4. Sandy,

    It's supposedly smaller than our old place, but I've figured out why it seems bigger. Our old place had a lot of balconies and I think most people count the balconies when they tell you how many pings the apartment is. Sneaky! This new place just has one little balcony, so all the pingage (is that a word?) is in the actual apartment. This place is just arranged better too!


    Thanks for stopping by my dog, and thanks for thinking my poodle is cute. I love that little girl of mine! I'm gonna hop over to your blogs now. =)


    Thanks! Of course you can link to me. I'm gonna link ya right back. Link lovin' all around!


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