Friday, May 09, 2008

Randomness and Memeness

My blogging has been nonexistent lately! I've actually been tagged for two memes since my last post almost a month ago. Amanda at following an unknown path tagged me for a 7 random things about me meme, and my new friend at Sensuous Wife tagged me for a 6 random things meme. Because I'm not a very interesting person and I don't think I can think of 13 random things, I'm going to squish these two memes into one and just share 7 random things. Is that allowed? Oh well, here goes:

1) I'm having trouble thinking of 7 random things about myself right now -- which in itself is a pretty random bit of information, don't you think?

2) My husband is the hottest man alive! I thought it would be good to share this random fact just for the sake of putting the whole Brad Pitt/George Clooney debate to rest.

3) I actually like chou dofu. The stinkier the better!

4) I baked a cake the other day just because I had recently visited a friend in Tienmu and was so happy that the store had cake mix AND chocolate frosting (which I had to buy of course). Every morning and every night I've been stealthily opening the refrigerator door and guiltily sneaking a few bites. I guess this is more of a confession than a random fact.

5) I like words that end in "ily".

6) I was a pretty wild teenager -- not in a "drink and party" way but in a "loud practical joker" way. I used to go toilet papering with my friends almost every weekend! Wow, I had a lot of free time on my hands back then.

7) I always cut all the hair off of all my Barbie dolls when I was little. I couldn't resist the temptation!

Yeah! I thought of 7 random things! I'm not one to tag, but if you want to participate go right ahead. Hurray for randomness!


  1. Oh Cahleen this is such fun!

    #1 You did this a bit lazily dontcha think?

    #2 Sounds like things are going swimmingly, sensuously and maritaly at your house!

    #3 I pinch my nose daintily at the mention of chou dofu.

    #4 You already said guiltily. Does it have to be guiltily? I say lob off a big slice, sit down and savor it greedily and then save the rest for a private picnic with DH where you both eat it creatively.

    #5 "I do too!" she said happily.

    #6 GIRLS GONE (papering) WILDily!! (giggle)

    #7 I bet you cut their hair prettily and gave them each a cute pixie cut like yours.

    Your friend,
    SW who loves to behave sill-ily!

  2. Oh Katie, #6 was great. You forgot to mention driving on park lawns, sidewalks, and front yards. Miss you, hope all is well!


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