Saturday, May 31, 2008

Before ...

I'm sitting at the desk in my apartment, and I'm listening to Third Day. I haven't listened to these guys for a long time. Boy, do they bring back memories. I discovered Third Day when I first became a Christian, and I lacked the language to describe all of those new feelings -- lovely, delicious feelings. Listening to the likes of Third Day, Jars of Clay, and Jennifer Knapp helped me put words to everything. It's funny how you can listen to a song and instantly be taken back to a certain time in your life. When I was in college I had Nichole Nordeman and Kutless. Their songs used to accompany me to the prayer room or the rose garden, and we witnessed many sunsets together. Now I'm listening to them again, and they take me back to Before. Before the anxiety attacks, bills, and life. I miss Before. I want to be the same girl I was Before. God seemed closer Before. He doesn't change. The God of Before is the God of Now, and the God of What's to Come. So why am I missing Before?


  1. discovered your blog thru char's.

    awesome posts.

    god bless on your adventure in tw!

  2. Hi Boston!

    Thanks for visiting me. I like new people (and old ones too of course)!

  3. Cathleen, 我很喜歡你的Blog. 哈哈, 用中文, 怎麼說"blog?" 我不知道!
    我也是一個焦虑症患者,也有的時候失眠. 所以我多尊敬你的工作!

  4. Sorry, I totally spelled your name wrong!

  5. Sarah,

    你好! 謝謝你看我部落格! 部落格是 "blog." 我先生告訴我。不好意思,我的中文不好。 我看得懂你的comment,可是我不知道怎麼答復。我有很多錯!我是美國人。你呢? 我也是基督教徒。我希望你不是觀念的。

  6. Why are you missing Before?
    Because Before felt relevant and real. and because clarity is often perceived as comfort. Brent Curtis said that life often feels like walking into a movie 15 minutes late and not knowing what is going on. Knowing that you're loved and that you're on track can get you through nearly anything.

  7. SW,

    Somehow you always say the most perfect things. Thanks!


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