Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our Trip to India Last Summer

Be careful of what you eat in India (see picture of my husband above)!


  1. Hi Cahleen! I missed coming over to visit, but I am back and I have read all your old posts to catch up!

    Boy what a fun trip(minus hubby food sick:( ...)
    You look exactly like your mom, and I believe her uniqueness when you were a child is the very place that gives you the strength and courage to embark on the life you are leading.

    As to learning Chinese...maybe at nigh when you cannot sleep you could devote some time to studies. My husband's health causes him to be up nearly half the night, so he decided to read the Bible. Funny thing he told me that he has no pain when he reads the word...and he has read the Bible through many times now. So what I learned is that maybe insomnia isnt bad...maybe it is an ideal time to use for another reason.

    Oh and the discussion on one child rule in China. I would have loved to the people see how it is impacting the dating pool for the men now? Boy how exciting for you to be where you are!!!

    As to requiring medications. Be cautious and do what you are prompted. Sometimes finding a natural solution works...but do what you need... I often wonder about this dilemma and think, hey if I need dental work, I have meds to make ot so I feel no not all meds are bad...some have very important uses in these times where our bodies are far less than what the Lord intended. Oh and rest in the knowledge that one day we will know what our body should have been:)!!!

    So I have been longwinded! But I missed you and how you are making a difference in many peoples lives.
    Take Care

  2. Looks like fun (well, all but that last part . . . that happened to me here in taiwan two years ago).

  3. What awesome pictures!
    I love seeing the real pictures people post of other places in the world. Cool.
    And if I could be so bold-- you have a nice lookin man girl. :)

  4. Jennifer,

    Boy, have I missed you! It's great to hear from you again. I've also thought that I should make the best of my insomnia situation. Now that I'm back on my meds I don't deal with it, but before I used to just try and relax and listen to some podcasts or read the Bible. As it got later though, I would get more and more nervous that I wasn't sleeping. Anyway, thank you for all of your encouragement!


    This happened to you in Taiwan??? I thought Taiwan was above all that!


    You just made my day! I always try and tell my husband how sexy he is, but he doesn't believe me.

  5. You guys are so lucky to live over there. My husband always says that if he gets rich some day (we can hope I guess), we will go live in Taiwan so we can all learn Chinese. It's so great to be able to travel and see the world!!

  6. I just saw Amanda's comment about getting food poisoning in Taiwan... that happened to me too, when I visited for my honeymoon. It was a real bummer! :(

  7. Great photos...I think the 'eat' part is true when you go anywhere your body isn't accustomed to the diet.
    What a beautiful country..our church is on a mission trip (now) for 16 days to Chillakalu, India.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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