Monday, January 28, 2008

When two worlds collide ...

The day after Christmas, Ian's parents visited my parents. Oh my!

The visit took place at my parents house in Lakewood, CA. My mother and stepfather are the two on the right, and Ian's parents are the two on the left. When my parents first met my husband's parents, I was so nervous! You can't imagine two sets of people that seem more different. You can't tell from the picture, but my mother is covered with tattoos! In elementary school, I was the only kid whose mother attended the open house with purple hair. Of course I greatly appreciate my mother's unorthodox ways now, but I was still a bit nervous when my parents first met Ian's parents (I'm sure everyone feels this way when "the parents" meet). Well, the first time they went out together (they didn't meet until after Ian proposed to me because his parents live in China), nothing horrible happened. They all went out to the restaurant that Ian proposed to me at, and while I'm not sure what exactly they talked about that night, all seems to have turned out well. In Chinese culture, they're fond of saying that marriage is not between two people -- it's between two families. I'm not sure if that's always true, but I'm certainly glad that our two families are friends!


  1. I understand completely!! My hippy parents meet my husband’s family when we were engaged also, his strong Christian family who even owned a Christian bookstore and my free spirited parents were very, very different also. Great how it all works out in the end, Thank You Jesus.
    Alisun ( note the spelling)

  2. That is so great that your and Ian's parents got together even though you guys weren't there. If opposites attract, then I guess it would make sense that the parents would be pretty different. My parents are quite different from Michael's as well.

    Purple-haired mom when you were little!!? priceless

  3. oh! I recognized your mommy right away when I first saw the picture.
    You two really look alike=]

  4. Cool. We don't give our parents enough credit, do we?

  5. How cool that your parents are the way they are. The body of Christ is a very diverse body. We need that.
    Thanks for sharing that with us. It helps us know who you are.

  6. Alisun,

    I know exactly how you feel!


    I remember hiding on the playground during that open house!


    Everyone says I look like my mom! My personality is a lot less wild than hers though. =)


    Yes, I guess I had nothing to worry about.


    I'm glad I could give you a little peek into my childhood!

  7. Your mom sounds fun! My mom has always been a little unorthodox too, and I appreciate it now. I know how you feel about the parents being different--my parents and my in-laws are utterly opposite in every way! And I am always caught in the middle! :)

  8. I love this post! It's so interesting how marriage can join such diverse backgrounds!

    (ps - you were the first to correctly guess the photo image contest! Great job)


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