Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"MIRL" in Taipei

Okay, so now it's my turn to write about my MIRL (meet in real life) experience. I'm not sure if the phrase was actually coined by her or not, but I first heard of this acronym from Amanda (who I hope to MIRL with soon at the ETA conference in Taipei). The people I got to MIRL with are Sandy and her husband Michael, whose blogs I thoroughly enjoy! Here's some pictures of the great event:

Thanks, Sandy and Michael, for a lovely time last Sunday!


  1. It's not my word . . . another blogger that I read created it a year or so ago.

    Are those LONG sleeves I see? OH MY!! Obviously NOT in the *tropical* half of the island, I see.

    I look forward to MIRLing with you too. have fun studying!

  2. Yes, Amanda. It was chilly in Taipei last weekend! We saw wool skirts and scarves. I wished I had taken a jacket. Next time for sure! We returned to hot and humid Pingtung County.

    Cahleen: GREAT MIRL time with you !

  3. Amanda,

    Yes, those are long sleeves. It's cold here now!


    I enjoyed our MIRL time, too! =)


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