Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Little Burma, a graveyard, a lake, and a mountain with an abandoned building -- what a full day!

My husband and I took advantage of the beautiful weather last Sunday and headed out to Little Burma(華新街), which is located in Yonghe (永和), for some scrumptious Burmese food!

Afterwards we drove up into the surrounding hills of Yonghe to check out some of the temples and admire the view. We soon came across a Taiwanese cemetery and decided to nose around a bit. I unabashedly took pictures of many of the graves, which is probably extremely culturally insensitive. But no one was there and I just couldn't resist -- the graves here are just so interesting! We discovered that many of the people buried there were originally from China. Just a few of the provinces listed on the graves were Shandong (山東), Zhejiang (浙江), and Hunan (湖南).

This particular grave was fascinating because it features a cross, but also places for the relatives to place incense. I'm not sure if this means they actually worship the man buried there, or if they just honor him with incense in the same way that Westerners would place flowers on a grave.

After our little graveyard expedition we drove out to Bitan(碧潭), a pretty little lake located in Xindian(新店).

This is one of my favorite snacks! It's ice cream (I think taro flavor) wrapped in a thin dough "thingie" with cilantro and peanut shavings. Sorry, I have no idea what this is called.

Battered, deep-fried vegetables. It's amazing how anything can be made to be unhealthy!

Later we hiked up a small mountain located beside the lake.

We found this abandoned building on top of the mountain. Do any of my fellow Taiwan bloggers know what this is?

The view from the top was absolutely breathtaking. It was a wonderful day!


  1. I love to site see and find food that just makes it all the better. Great pics that you for sharing your day how fun.

  2. Well thank you for taking me* on your excursion with you:)

    I am interested in trying cilantro with ice cream! I have never heard of that before but we love cilantro and eat it every day.(husband is Mexican)

    Thanks again for the great site
    seeing tour!


  3. Thanks for stopping by!
    I also love those things I've affectionately termed "ice cream burritos" haha.
    This is the first year I've dressed up for Halloween in my classes, but it got such great reactions that I'll be sure to do it again... I'm not usually a big costume person, but I've been trying to think of other excuses to dress up for my classes now haha!
    Studying Chinese hmmm... i could say a lot about it, I had a really good foundation first (I learned bopomofo) and have always lived places where I end up speaking Chinese more than English (not in Taipei, and I'm not around other English speakers that much). I think study + practice. Try to study at least twice a week, and make sure you're speaking every day. Make friends with Taiwanese people who can't speak much English. I should write a whole post about this soon (then I won't take up all your comment space!!

  4. wow! that last pic takes my breathe away.


  5. Looks like fun...and the food, well now I am hungry again! Thanks Cahleen!


    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  6. Lovely day! Thanks for the delightful tour my friend! Breathtaking view at the top. I love to climb mountains :)

  7. Girl you are not kidding --that was breath taking. And of course I love the food pictures. How cool.
    I love the tour-- I bet you were pooped.

  8. I'm glad y'all enjoyed my pictures! It was a great day, and possibly the last sunny weekend we'll have until spring comes around.


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