Friday, October 05, 2007

Important Message and New Haircut Photos

First for the important message. In case you didn't figure it out from my last post, my grandmother will be staying with us for about a week. I probably won't be doing very much blogging during that time, but rest assured I'll be back!

Of course I couldn't go on a blog break without showing everyone my new haircut, which my grandmother will probably hate (funny that I got it done right before she came ... she's always bugging me to grow it out). Another funny thing is that when I walked into my classroom last night, one of my students said, "What's the matter, you were too hot?" A lot of people think women look better with longer hair here, and the only reason any woman would cut it short is if the weather is too hot. How weird!

Please forgive me, all of the pictures I took are really strange because I was just playing around with my camera.

Okay, you're probably tired of looking at me now. See you all in a week!


  1. You two are adorable! I imagine many people comment about you and your husband's eyes. I had super short hair my first year or two here, but finally decided that it feels even cooler with longer hair and a ponytail. Too cute.

  2. It looks fantastic! Don't listen to your students. I really like it and my opinion counts more. :)

    I forgot to tell you. My hair has stayed straight even with repeated washings. So, maybe a permanent straightening is something for you to think about down the line when it grows out again.

    Have fun with your grandma!

  3. Sandy,

    Awww, you're too much! Thanks for the sweet compliment.


    I miss you so much, and of course I won't listen to what my students say. They got used to it after a while anyway. I'm glad you like it, and I'm glad your great hair experiment was a success. It looks so cute that way!

  4. It is amazing how husbands and wives sometimes look alike.Usually it takes years of growing together.
    Cute couple.

  5. The haircut is very cute!!

    I am trying to build up enough bravery to go get mine cut. It is hard enough to get it cut in the States--not easy to find someone who know natural curls well. Finding that here? yeah right!

    So, my hair just keeps keeping longer and longer since I'm a big chicken. :)

    have fun with grandma!! What a blessing!!!!

  6. Your new cut is too cute...and the couple shot...well I am surprised no one is knocking you down in the streets of Taiwan for a photo shoot!

    thanks for sharing!
    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  7. Cahleen, I like your haircut - cute! Hope you have a nice visit with your Grandmom :)

  8. Thanks, ladies! You're all too sweet!

  9. Hey I like the haircut! You look really good in short hair.


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