Monday, October 08, 2007

Chopsticks Lessons

Continuing on from my last post, here's an "informative" tutorial (Japanese with some English subtitles) on the usage of chopsticks -- just in case you're as clueless as my grandma!


  1. :) are taking me back to my ywam days. i was so amazed watching my asian friends chow down with their chopsticks. they tried to teach me but i was less then gracefull. i think -- if i was forced to use chopsticks to eat i would lose a lot of weight! :)

  2. Hi Cathleen,

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I'm afraid I'm hopeless at least until it becomes necessary for me to use them.

    I wanted to mention to you that there is a great blogger pal of mine from Taiwan. You may know about her, but I wanted to let you know about her just in case. She blogs at

  3. I guess you could throw me in the no chop stick camp.
    I like to concentrate more on my food than if it is going to make it to my mouth.:)
    Keep striving to love the Lord with all your heart soul, mind, and strength- and you will be the best wife in the world. God will see to it!

  4. Kids and I rolled! You found a great video!

  5. Ruth,

    I know how you feel! I was the same way when I got here, but I just got used to it.


    I'm glad you stopped by! I enjoy reading Amanda's blog too. In fact, I think that's how I found your blog! =)


    It's funny that you mention that, because the Taiwanese will tell you that they can focus more on their food when they use chopsticks. Rather than shoving it all in your mouth, you're forced to take smaller bites and really savor it. Thanks for your encouragement!


    Glad I could bring a smile to your face! =)


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