Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Visit from My Super Cool In-laws

One of the benefits of Ian's parents living in China is that we actually have some family that isn't located on the other side of the world. Their visits are always a welcome blessing! Feel free to check out their website.

Dave and Wendy about to chow down at the Korean BBQ restaurant we took them to.

A shot of the food at the restaurant. You'll notice that many restaurants have a little mini BBQ built into the table here. I never encountered this in the United States (although I'm sure they have them somewhere), and I expect that it's due to the lawsuits that could incur. Just use your imagination -- "Daddy, what happens if I touch this grill ..."

We walked to the flower market near our house the next day.

A gardener squatting for some reason unbeknown to me.

Beautiful flowers that I refrain from buying because I know I would just end up killing them.


  1. Beautiful flowers.
    I love the pictures of the food--how fund to see what is going on so far away.

  2. Sharon,

    Thanks for the interest in my little island home of Taiwan! I like being able to share it with people. =)


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