Friday, September 07, 2007

Did you feel it?

Last night, or early this morning I should say, an earthquake caused my husband and I to jump out of bed and get into one of our doorways. You can read more information about the earthquake here. Apparently, it was a 6.6 magnitude that hit off the coast of Ilan. Now, being a native Los Angelite, it probably seems strange that I would blog about something so commonplace in my life. But this earthquake was different than any other earthquake I've ever experienced. I've always lived in a one story house in the Los Angeles suburbs. Now I'm living on the sixth floor of a twelve story building. The building swayed back and forth for about thirty seconds! It was kind of scary. I guess I better get used to this.


  1. WOW! I heard about your earthquake but the South felt nothing. We experienced our first big one this past winter, and it was scary to feel our whole 4 story house sway and move up and down. I hope all is well, and no one was hurt, nothing damaged.

  2. I remember the one you're talking about, and I think I remember feeling it all the way up here. It must have been big! No damage up here, except part of a temple fell down in Ilan. No one was hurt that I know of. Thanks for caring! =)


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