Monday, August 27, 2007

A New Beginning

Well, I've been here a little over a year, and I still work for the same buxiban, haven't improved much in my Chinese, and I haven't been living the life that I was created to live, and that I know I'm capable of. I've learned a few things. How to be a better teacher, where to find what, and how to get around town, but so what? This isn't who I am, this isn't who God made me to be. So, after floating for a year, I'm going to start living.

So this is it. This blog marks the moment that I stop looking and really see. See what? The world around me. Taiwan and the Taiwanese people -- what they love, what they fear, and what makes Taiwan beautiful. And it's also time I started seeing myself the way God sees me. I've figured a few things out this past year. I know I love teaching English to adults, and that I need to stay away from teaching the kids or else I'll begin to hate life and pray for death. Surrounding myself with the right friends is important. In other words, stay away from the "I hate being in Taiwan, but rather than simply leaving, I'm going to spend all of my time whining about my life" people. And, big surprise, learning Chinese is absolutely essential! Otherwise you'll never move from the "foreign guest" to the "I'm not so different from you" category. If I expect to build relationships with Taiwanese people, I better pick up the pace with my language study.

So now, in my second year of living in Taiwan, I will begin to live the life that God has for me.


  1. Margaret Garcia-CouohThursday, August 30, 2007

    Hi Katie, Your comments come at a time when I've just finished reading a good book---Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. It talks of zen practice but much of it is applicable to your comments. You seem to be frustrated at the journey to arrive at the point you are now but there is no way to get to the point you are now without the journey being what it is/was. The best way, of course, to demonstrate to others what you are is by being you without focusing on what it is that is you.

    I think if more Christian's read master writing Thinch book Living Buddha, Living Christ and his follow up these sorts of dilemmas would be less exascerbated.

    Cheer up. It is all in good time and in the journey. We as Americans tend to think quickly. That we will learn quickly and that we will know what is expected and what to do quickly. Nothing is further from the truth. Who is not to say that God's plan for you is slowly developing over another standard of time?

    You are growing and learning and don't beat yourself up for not going about things faster.

    It is never easy to live in a foreign country. It is never easy to live, period. And (and this is Margaret with Buddhism talking) we need to stop moving around , breathe, and remember that it is a miracle that we are even alive and that you had the temerity to go where you are in the first place.


  2. Hey Katie,

    "...I will begin to live the life that God has for me."

    God has selected you for a precise purpose, as He is always precise and detailed. He created you purposefully, saved you from wrath, and opened your eyes to what He intended you to see. He walks with you now, as He has before you knew. He hears even your whispered prayers, your silent prayers, and the groanings that your heart cannot even utter. His intentionality with you began long before time existed. And you were formed to glorify Him.

    So... I am excited for your continued journey, your renewed excitement, your long-awaited sense of destiny.

    Don't forget that you are a prayer warrior, for nothing can be accomplished without Christ.



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